Investing in High Quality Loose Diamonds with Mark Hadley

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Is it true that many investors are ensuring their financial stability not only by investing in gold, but also stocking up the rarest diamonds they can get on the market?  According to diamond analysts and high-end jewelry experts,  eternal-value assets like high quality diamonds, are selling like crazy now.  Many customers acquire diamonds not to set them in into pendants, earrings or necklaces, but to have them in the banks for financial stability.

There is a new breed of diamond hunters emerging, the ones surfing the net to get their hands on loose diamonds to resell them and make pretty good money.  I was referred by my good friend to one of the most trusted and reputable Denver Jewelers, Mark Hadley.  Mark’s company is known for selling the purest, the rarest diamonds nation-wide at amazingly affordable, wholesale diamonds‘ prices.

Mark Hadley and his wife, Nataliya Hadley, attract customers that choose an extra expense of purchasing airline tickets just to visit Mark in Denver.  Many of them come to get that one of the kind colorless or fancy-colored diamond that will become a sure asset in their family.  Does this trend mean that diamonds are becoming “the gold” of financial investments?  I spend a day observing the endless parade of customers at Mark’s office, most of them interested in very high quality diamonds.    I was very much impressed by Mark’s and Natalya’s expertise, their unique and gracious way of guarding their clients through the process of selecting a perfect stone.   One of the customers noted that he is upgrading his wife’s engagement ring with the flawless diamond as a part of safe investment in our “tough financial times.”

I believe that my theory that loose diamonds are getting popular enough to compete with precious metals on international markets got enough factual support to say that diamonds are not just “Girls’ best friends…”

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