Mark and Nataliya’s, Cherry Creek Jewelers, Secret of Their Success

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While many chain jewelery stores remain empty these days (grim consequence of still-feared US financial crisis),  some of our local Colorado businesses — not only staying afloat, but — surprisingly — doing very, very well.  A perfect example:   Mark and Nataliya Hadleys’ jewelry business, a hidden “treasure chest” in prestigious Cherry Creek area.   Despite sad shopping prognoses (again this year), their company is thriving.   Why?  With very little advertising effort, they manage to attract more and more customers (some flying from other states) offering superb service, outstanding quality of diamonds, backed by certificates,  and — undoubtedly — unmatched prices.

I personally feel very lucky that I was introduced to Mark a few years ago when I was desperately shopping for a princess cut pure diamond my fiance wanted.  Most Denver jewelers gave me the price I couldn’t afford at that time.   Mark and Nataliya, with their friendly, easy-going approach, took such a wonderful care of me!   What a difference it was — to talk to someone like Mark–someone with many years of expertise, someone with personal and caring touch in everything he is doing!   Suddenly, everything felt right:  the small and home-like office atmosphere,  the amount of time Mark spent with me making sure that I will get the perfect setting for the diamond.   The stress was gone replaced by a very good feeling that I am dealing with the right guy.  And of course – the price that was at least 25 % less than whatever other jewelery stores called  I “a special manager’s discount.”  My fiance Kate and I walked out from Mark’s place knowing that we got exactly what she was dreaming about.

Holiday season, usually a very busy time for any store,  makes Mark and Nataliya’s office “crazy happy” with waiting lists of those wishing to purchase a perfect, yet well-priced gift for someone special.   Whatever the secret of Mark and Nataliya’s success story is, it makes all of us feel good — just knowing that some of our local Denver jewelry businesses are so successful.

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