10 Carat Diamond Rings….and They’re All On Sale

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I stumbled across an interesting site today that was pointed out to me by a colleague of mine. The site sells only 10 carat diamond rings, but most of the rings and diamonds are well over the 10 carat minimum requirement. One of the most interesting facts about the site, however, is that each of the diamonds are currently for sale on the site, and for fairly reasonable rates at that. One of the most notable diamonds currently posted on the site includes a 44.61 carat yellow diamond which competes with that of the famous Golden Eye Diamond. While the Golden Eye fetched an estimated $17.2 million, this diamond is posted for a mere $2.7 million.

The site is at least worth checking out, you never know what you’ll find for that special someone ;)  Some of you may even be interested in posting your own diamond on the website if you’re interested. Happy bidding!

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