Looking for an Engagement Ring?

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Hey Denver, are you in the market for an engagement ring?  Are you starting to get that stomach sinking sense of going through the entire ordeal of finding a ring and then on top of that you are just as worried about the proposal, then it might be time to enlist some help. Many clients come to me, ready to get engaged, but too busy to find time to thoroughly research the 4 C’s (cut clarity, carat weight, and color).

Many of you find yourselves in jewelry stores feeling pressured, and not sure if they’re getting an honest price, actually knowing for sure you are not getting an honest price. This is most likely one of the major purchases that you’ll make in the course of your lifetime, and you want to make sure that you’re dealing with someone who you can trust. If you find that you’ve been shopping around and you don’t have a good feel in your gut about the people who you’ve been dealing with, listen to your sixth sense – it’s often right. Dealers who are honest shouldn’t give you a strange feeling – ever. Getting engaged is stressful enough. Your focus should be on how you’re going to ask, not going to several different Denver jewelers, hoping that you got a good deal and chose the right setting.

Book an appointment with me, we’ll meet in person, and discuss your budget or ideas. A lot of guys even bring a picture of their girlfriend and just tell me about her. Often based on the jewelry that she wears and a picture, I can get a good sense of what her tastes are like. We will then pick the perfect diamond and perfect setting for the perfect girl.

Special thanks to Matt Grabau of Dream Diamonds for his commentary!